My Process


A good model is the starting point for every CNC carving project.

It can be a physical model

Mahogany pattern to be used to make a mold for ceramic tiles

For this carving the customer provided a carving that was half this size. It was digitally scanned then scaled to the new size and finish carved by hand.

It can be a model provided by a customer.


This model was sent as an STL that was then programmed, machined and finished by hand.

Carved Parts


The carved part on the left was made from the model above. The other two parts were made from provided models as well. These carvings were used to make molds from.

Models can also be built with 3D CAD software.

Round Capital

This model was built in Rhino 3D.

Temple of Winds Capital

This is the capital that was carved from the model.

CNC Machine Carving


The machine is carving two parts at a time.