Artistic Carving Company – Boston, MAwww.artisticsignandcarving.com

In the late seventies and early eighties I subcontracted hand carving sign work from Gneal Widett when he was unable to keep up with demand. Many of those signs are still hanging 30+ years later. He produces a beautiful product and I encourage you to visit his site.

Boston Turning Works – Watertown MAwww.bostonturningworks.com

Peter Maguire is one of the finest custom and production woodturners in the country… his work is second to none. He offers a number of turned finials as well as any type of custom turning from balusters to columns. I am very interested in collaborating with Boston Turning Works to make pieces that are turned by them, then carved by me. Look for it in the future.

Decorators Supply – Chicago, ILwww.decoratorssupply.com

Decorators Supply is the standard bearer for cast ornament in both plaster and compo (their own composition material). They have over 13,000 models that were all hand carved in the late 1800′s and early 1900′s. These models, mostly carved in walnut are some of the most exquisite decorative carvings I’ve ever seen. Once in a while they have a request for one of their designs to be made in a size they don’t have and I have made new models to match the original in the needed size. I have been given permission to use their catalogue as a source book for carving designs that may be reproduced by me in wood. Call Steve Grage at Decorators Supply for more information.

J. P. Moriarty and Company, Inc. – Sommerville, MAwww.jpmoriarty.com

J. P. Moriarty and Company, Inc. specialize in historically accurate restoration millwork. They are a full service millwork company and have a great website. If you are involved in a restoration project check them out… you will be glad you did.

Leiderbach and Graham Architects – Chicago, ILleiderbachandgrahamarchitects.com

I have worked with Phil Leiderbach on three projects. He pays close attention to detail which I like because good woodcarving is all about detail. Phil an award winning architect and when carving for him I get to do my best work.

Noack Organ Company – Georgetown, MAwww.noackorgan.com

Much of my professional career has been engaged in the carving of decorative pipe screens for Fritz Noack. Noack Organ Company is one of the leading custom pipe organ builders in the country. A large part of my site shows most of the organs that I have decorated for him. Thank-you Fritz for the opportunity to have been a part of so many of your beautiful instruments.

Sawbridge Studios – Winnetka, ILwww.sawbridgestudios.com

Sawbridge Studios is a premier gallery for handmade wood furnishings and accessories on the North Shore of Chicago. I made many of my post and rung chairs as well as dining tables for their customers. They are also the exclusive dealers for my cat tables and mirror frames.